Arie Roeloff - Riverbend Dairy

“We have used LWE Consulting for over a year. They are second to none on accounting and bookkeeping. They are professional in the work that they do for Riverbend Dairy and Roeloffs Land Holdings. Our bankers and CPA’s are also very pleased with they work they do!”

Arie Roeloffs, owner - Riverbend Dairy

Edgewater Broadcasting

“When we needed an accounting superhero, Laura Edwards came to our rescue. She was able to come into our business and in a timely manner, she resolved some uncertainties that we weren’t sure how to solve, and make some much-needed corrections.

If you need an accounting superhero to come to your rescue, Laura and Wendell at LWE Consulting are who you’re looking for.”
Jay Michaels, General Manager, Edgewater Broadcasting

Troy Mahlke

“I enjoy working with Laura and would recommend her to anyone looking to work with her and the accounting and financial sector.”
Troy Mahlke –  Mahlke, Hunsaker and Company

Todd, Hamake and Associates

“Laura is competent and professional in all aspects. She is hard working, with a “get it done,” attitude. I credit her single-handedly for the successful implementation and continued operation of our business’ perpetual inventory system. Laura consistently remains current and accurate in all areas of accounting. She is constantly learning and finding new ways to be even more efficient in her work.

It has been a pleasure working with Laura and I highly recommend her in whatever she pursues. You will not be disappointed.”
Kim Johnson –  Todd, Hamaker & Associates LLP 

Magic Valley Law

“Excellent working with you, Wendell..what a joy and your professionalism is very much appreciated. Love your photographs for our site too!”
Leah Crandall –  Magic Valley Law

St Luke's Hospital

“It has been a pleasure working with you all these years, you’re a great asset for us, both as a site consultant and an SEO/online marketing expert!”
Rhonda B. –  St Lukes Hospital

What’s a new lead worth to your company?
January 12, 2019

What’s a new lead worth to your company?

Often one of the first questions I ask a potential new customer is this. What’s a new lead worth to you? (Eyes glaze over..) Invariably most businesses have no idea. They haven’t advertised or marketed and then attempted to quantify the results. You placed an ad and then what happened? For one new sale, what … Read More

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Is your website Dead or Alive?
May 1, 2018

Is your website Dead or Alive?

I’m starting to see this happen more and more. A site owner will contact us in a panic, stating, “I don’t know what happened, but my sales are dying.” Or “For some reason our search engine rankings are down considerably.” Or even worse, their unattended site has been hacked. “What’s happening to my website?” “Why … Read More

by Wendell E.
Is your company data secure?
April 2, 2018

Is your company data secure?

Ensuring data security and intellectual property protection is one of the biggest hurdles that businesses face today. Every day a new headline alerts us of these increasing threats to your bottom line. Recent studies have suggested that at least 50-60% of businesses do very little to nothing to protect themselves from security breaches. The truth … Read More

by Wendell E.